Thank You, and Come Again

Why hello there.

You’re visiting because:

  • You’ve read one of my articles on AOL or in a SoCal newspaper or magazine and wanted to find out more about the author.
  • We’re connected socially and you listened to one of my bullhorn suggestions to check out my blog.
  • You’re a close, personal friend who has been badgered into stopping by.
  • You’re my mother.
  • You’re one of my stalkers anonymous admirers.

Kristi Kellogg

Whatever the case, welcome.

This site is for you, from me. Because let’s face it — any modern-day professional journalist/writer/editor should have a blog. Period. And because sometimes I need to do a little more editorializing than my professional articles permit. And sometimes I’d like to be able to flout AP style (I said it!).

What to Expect on

  • will be updated at least once a week. Look for a new article every Sunday by noon PST.
  • Articles concerning:
    • Mover/shakers/influencers/people leaning in. If someone is making a difference, I’m writing about it.
    • A behind-the-scenes look at journalism/media/content creation from a professional writer who lives to tell the tale (i.e. my thwarted attempt to scale the closed 405 freeway to cover a murder; a first assignment consisting of interviewing a felonious active gang member, etc.).
    • Vogue-worthy editorials on anything concerning fashion (did I mention my dream job is writing or editing at Condé Nast?)
    • Miscellaneous musings, including but not limited to: rants on bad driving, recipes (because who doesn’t like a good banana pancake?), and writers like Salman Rushdie (got to put that Master’s degree to work somehow).
  • Engagement. Your comments/questions/rants/raves won’t go unnoticed. Whatever you have to say, I’m listening and ready to connect — on, on LinkedIn, on Twitter, and on Google+. Email me at

I’m glad you’re here, and hope you’ll come again.

3 thoughts on “ Thank You, and Come Again

  1. Daniel White says:

    Nice blog, will definitely bookmark and keep up with it.

    Also already connected with you via Twitter. I see you also have G+ as well, wouldn’t mind connecting with you on there as well!

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